Summer Interns are here

2005 Summer Interns.100_3232
Our summer program began on Monday, June 27. We are happy to welcome our interns into our community and our guests at the kitchen appreciate the cheer they add to the meals that we serve. In the photo from left to right: Elizabeth Henricks (from St. Louis University), Elizabeth Boren (from San Diego), Viola Engels (from Brot und Rosen Community in Hamburg Germany, Thi Trinh (from University of Portland), Jacob Brown (Wheaton College in Chicago), and Bob Beckett (from La Sierra University in Riverside).


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Catherine Morris – Civil Disobediance Update

Catherine Morris Civil Disobediance

This morning Catherine Morris appeared in court for sentencing. However, the probation department failed to prepare a pre-sentencing report. Although Catherine was prepared to be sentenced and placed in jail this morning the judge posponed the sentencing until August 3rd at 2pm. We invite all of our friends to show up and stand in solidarity with Catherine.


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LACW History photos


In preparation for an upcoming 35th anniversary issue of the Catholic Agitator I scanned in several old photographs, slides, and even film negatives. I thought many of them interesting, including this one of Mother Theresa during her 1976 visit to the Los Angeles Catholic Worker, and thought I would share. If any of you out there have photos to share please feel free to email them to me.


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Sara Suman – Civil Disobediance Update

Sara Suman

This morning Sara Suman appeared in court along with fellow JVC community members, co-workers, and the LACW community in court for sentencing. Although she expected to receive three months of probation, her defense lawyer, and LACW friend, Ron Kay succesfully argued that she should be given time served or in other words no additional penalties. Initially the judge made an offer of community service, however Sara stated that service is an honor and not a punishment. Sara then made a personal statement of her convictions that lead her to take part in the action on March 16 marking two years of war in Iraq. After a brief recess the judge released her on time served. Below is the statement she read in court.


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Vandenberg Demonstration Photos


For all of those who missed the protest at Vandenberg Air Force Base I posted a few of the photos I took at the demonstration, they can be found at:
The event was well attended by many including a bus full of peacefull people from the Orange County Peace Coalition. Our guest speaker this year was Kathy Kelly, from Voices in the Wilderness, who did an outstanding job. Although not as bad or intrusive as last year, the military did photograph all of the participants. More information about future peace demonstrations at Vandenberg AFB can be found at the Vandenberg Peace Legal Defense Fund website at:


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Lois Thorne R.I.P.

Lois Thorne

[Note:Lois Thorne was a long time friend, supporter, and volunteer of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker. We have fond memories of her helping to butter the bread in the morning and passing out plates during serving time. The following was sent to use via email by her daughter in law and is reprinted here. Today one of her sons, Kerry, volunteered at our soup kitchen as a rememberance of his mother.]

Ms. Lois Thorne, an activist in Los Angeles since the mid-1950s, died early Saturday, May 14, of pneumonia. She was 79. Ms. Thorne grew up during the depression on a farm in Montana, lost both parents when she was 16 and worked her way through the University of Washington in the 1940s to become a teacher. She obtained 6 additional teaching certificates, including in Special Education, which became her lifelong specialty.


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Cats of the Catholic Worker


For those cat lovers out there (you know who you are), I posted some pictures of the feline members of our community.


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Civil Disobediance Update

On the morning of May 4th, Catherine Morris, Sara Suman and David Gardner appeared in court as the result of their civil disobedience action on March 16th.
Sara Suman entered a plea of guilty and will appear for sentencing on May 25th.
Catherine Morris also entered a guilty plea and will be sentenced on June 29th.
David Gardner entered a plea of not guilty and has a trial date of July 7th where he plans to change his plea to guilty.


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Seder photos now online


For all those who attended and those who were unable to, I have posted some of the photos from this year’s seder event.


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Elizabeth Guatemala Update


[Note: We recently received two updates from Elizabeth Griswold, a former Los Angeles Catholic Worker community member now working with a rural indigenous community in Guatemala. Both updates are included in this post.]
   I wish everyone a Happy Spring and also a belated Happy Ashura, Happy Purim, and Happy Easter!
    Here are some pictures from Semana Santa here–Holy Week, the week leading up to Easter. It is a really big deal here. We had no classes at school (a Spring Break), and I got to experience other traditions like eating crocodile meat, bread and honey, sweet garbanzo beans, and beet salad. There were big processions through the streets, Wed-Sun, with people marching and carrying large floats depicting Jesus´ final week.


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Ed Birmingham aka John Mowers RIP

Ed Birmingham, a longtime guest and friend of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker died this morning. Ed had stayed with us off and on for several years, so long that no one seems to remember when he first came to the LACW. When he came to us he was no stranger to the CW movement, since he was the first guest to stay at the Martin dePorres House in San Francisco, and had lived with Karl Meyer in 1958 at a CW House in Chicago. He has been a guest at many other CW Houses, and has used many aliases over the years. He would often sit in our living room making collages while listening to classical music or simply waiting for a new person to talk to who can listen to all of his many stories.

We love Ed and we miss him.
David Gardner
Los Angeles Catholic Worker


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Stations of the Cross Photos now online


We are happy to announce that our annual Good Friday Stations of the Anti-War Cross was well attended and was a success. For those who are interested I posted some pictures of the event.


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