Good Friday Stations Of The Worker’s Cross

The LACW has been working with Unite Here Local 11 and Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE) to bring this year’s Good Friday Stations of the Cross to life in a particularly profound and relevant way: to juxtapose the suffering of Christ with the experience of hospitality workers here in Los Angeles.

One hundred hospitality contracts (hotels, restaurants, etc.) will expire on June 30, 2023, and with this, an incredible amount of power for workers occurs to be able to negotiate a strong contract that will have a considerable impact on their lives. Our Good Friday Stations of the Cross will be a part of this larger campaign and effort.

Logistically, we will move throughout a small stretch of Downtown L.A. near the big hotels and center the stories of workers. As we move from hotel to hotel, workers will come out to join us as we walk through each station and hear the testimonies of their co-workers. Walking time will be minimized to accommodate all who cannot walk long distances, plus the workers only have limited time for breaks. There will still be plenty of places for us to read, carry the cross, and sing as we have traditionally, but these will also be supplemented by other faith traditions, spiritual leaders, stories, and rituals.

The meeting location and time are still to be determined, but they will be posted here very soon. Please keep checking back. Hope to see you then.

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