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The U.S. Acts From A Nuclear Menacing and Intimidation Policy

This LINK is to an op-ed piece on U.S. nuclear policy published in the Santa Maria Times, written by Scott Fina, VSO, our friend, and a volunteer and supporter of Beatitude House, our Catholic Worker Sister House in Guadalupe, California. Scott lives in Santa Maria. Below is the same piece except it includes all reference …

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Our Freedoms Shrink as Our Military Expands

This LINK is to a very disturbing article about our vanishing freedoms and how the war profiteers now have the power to buy public sidewalks to prevent anyone from protesting in front of or near their facility. Fascism on the rise.    

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The U.S. Imperial War Machine

The following is the transcript of a talk Chris Hedges gave at the Rage Against The War Machine rally in Washington, DC on Saturday, February 18, 2023 By Chris Hedges Idolatry is the primal sin from which all other sins derive. Idols tempt us to become God. They demand the sacrifice of others in the …

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The U.S. Destroyed The Nord Stream Pipeline

This LINK is to an exclusive revelatory piece by investigative journalist Seymour Hersch, that exposes a covert U.S. imperialist act of sabotage to further instigate a direct confrontation with Russia. This LINK is to a video discussion with Jeffrey D. Sachs about this act. This LINK is former CIA analyst Ray McGovern’s input on this …

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REPORT: 40% of U.S. Animals at Risk of Extinction

This LINK is to a distressing article on the devastating effect climate change has on nature. “We are currently experiencing and causing the Sixth Extinction–the mass extinction of species across the planet,” said the head of NatureServe, which also found a third of plants nationwide are under threat. An excerpt: Underscoring the need for humanity …

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