The U.S. Empire vs Julian Assange – A Very Grave Matter

Julian Assange Photo captured from Chris Hedges Report

This LINK is to an excellent Chris Hedges interview with Julian Assange’s bother, Gabriel Shipton, about his movie, Ithaka, which is a moving and intimate portrayal of a father’s fight to save his son and exposes the brutal realities of the campaign to free Julian Assange. The interview covers Julian’s brutal torture and slow-motion execution at the hands of the U.S. and U.K., and Julian’s family’s struggle over these past years attempting to deal with this tragedy, and get the U.S. to drop the charges.

This LINK is to a Chris Hedges article on Julian’s case -Will Julian Assange Ever Be Free?

This LINK is to a Democracy Now! segment dealing with how Mike Pompeo and the CIA spied on people who visited Julian Assange while in the Ecuadorian Embassy in the U.K., and the lawsuit filed by attorneys and journalists who were affected by this invasion of privacy.

This LINK is to the coverage that Democracy Now! gave to the recent Belmarsh Tribunal, which the British High Court will decide if/when Julian will be extradited to the U.S., where he faces 175 years in prison.

This LINK is to another Chris Hedges interview with author Kevin Gosztola, whose book, Guilty of Journalism: The Political Case Against Julian Assange, deals with Julian’s case and what will amount to the absolute end of press freedom in this nation if Julian is extradited, tried, and convicted. And how his case has already had a major negative effect on journalism.

This LINK is to yet another article about how the recent Belmarsh Tribunal makes the case for Julian Assange’s immediate release. The Assange prosecution poses a fundamental threat to the freedom of speech and a free press.

As of today, January 30, Julian has now spent 1026 days in Belmarsh Prison, dubbed “Britain’s Guantánamo Bay,”  and more than 3500 days total incarcerated/captivity/diplomatic refuge.

Belmarsh Maximum Prison complex from Consortium News

Watch Ithaka trailer HERE.



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