February 2023 Catholic Agitator

The February 2023 Catholic Agitator is now online.

In this issue:

  • Catholic Justice Work In Los Angeles – by Matt Harper

  • Larry Gunsalus – R.I.P. – by Mike Wisniewski

  • The Beautiful And The Sobering – by Phoebe Lu

  • Kin-Dom Builders – by Mike Wisniewski

  • Jessica Reznicek And Ruby Montoya News

  • You Cannot Serve God And Mammon – by Shelly Douglass

  • Resistance Means Experiencing A Daily Celebration Of Life – by Helen Woodson

  • Dandelion House – by Fumi Tosu

  • A Poem From Home – by Alberto Oropeza

  • Priesthood(s) Of All Christians – by David Boyle

  • Better Know A Volunteer: Rosemary Occhiogrosso – by Megan Ramsey

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