Pope Francis Offers Apology to Canada’s Indigenous Peoples

Pope Francis is not afraid of genuine contrition. He apologized for the history of violence at the residential schools in Canada, and appealed to Canadian Catholics to safeguard the memory of grandparents and the elderly as a necessary means of preventing the mistakes of the past and for building a better future.

See this LINK, this  LINK and this LINK for the full story.


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    • Andrew Bear on July 27, 2022 at 9:19 pm
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    You might be interested in this following article. Here is an excerpt:
    “We are not children. We deserved a choice and the ability to inform how these events rolled out. Doors were closed on us at every turn, and it was a constant fight for information. We are not props or eye candy to be used for photo opportunities and PR strategies.

    Our voices were silenced — not only in the planning but also in the official program. Our leaders from host Nations were not given the opportunity to publicly address survivors or the Pope in the same way the Pope addressed our people.”


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