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August 2022 Catholic Agitator

The  August 2022 Catholic Agitator is now online. In this issue: The Overlooked Sacraments of Christ – by Matt Harper Albert Wingate Obituary –  by Mike Wisniewski Book Review: Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action – by Mike Wisniewski Love in Action – by Mike Wisniewski What Eucharist …

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2022 Second Summer Pool Party and Picnic

On July 17, we had our second of three summer pool parties, hosted by Kurt and Ann Peterson. Kurt and Ann were great hosts who provided us with a wonderful and refreshing pool and spa, along with a great BBQ. Thank you, Kurt and Ann. Then on July 22, we had the second of three …

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Pope Francis Offers Apology to Canada’s Indigenous Peoples

Pope Francis is not afraid of genuine contrition. He apologized for the history of violence at the residential schools in Canada, and appealed to Canadian Catholics to safeguard the memory of grandparents and the elderly as a necessary means of preventing the mistakes of the past and for building a better future. See this LINK, this  LINK and …

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War With Iran?

The United States, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, responsible for military fiascos, hundreds of thousands of deaths, and innumerable war crimes in the Middle East, are now plotting to attack Iran. The eye-opening and infuriating article behind this LINK is yet more proof that the U.S. Empire is again planning and preparing for yet another war …

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As It Was 40 Years Ago, Nuclear Disarmament Is Our Only Hope For The Future

“Paper treaties are not enough. We must together leave the negotiating table, enter the silos and dismantle this weaponry.” The article behind this LINK is a challenge to each and all of us. It was written by Kings Bay Plowshares activist Patrick O’Neill, who is also co-founder of the Fr. Charlie Mulholland Catholic Worker House …

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New York City Releases Nuclear War Alert

The article behind this LINK is the epitome of absurdity, irresponsibility, and the unconscionable. An excerpt: “On Monday, July 11, 2022,  New York City’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) released a 90-second public service announcement (PSA) giving instructions to city residents on what to do in the event of a nuclear attack on America’s largest …

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Noam Chomsky and the United Nations Warn of Collapse

On the heels of the recent U.N. warning, Noam Chomsky also echoes the central premise of doomsayers: “The challenge ahead is beyond anything humans have ever faced. The fate of life on the planet is now at hand.” (Chomsky – Principal speaker for the American Solar Energy Society 51st annual conference, University of New Mexico, …

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2022 First Summer Pool Party and Picnic

On July 3, we had our first of three summer pool parties, hosted by longtime friend and supporter Mary Nalick. Mary is a great host who provided scrumptious snacks, delicious gourmet pizza along with a variety of salads, and a variety of yummy ice cream, not to forget a variety of beverages. Thank you, Mary. …

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Meet Our 2022 Summer Interns

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The Nuclear Threat Remains; The Resistance Continues

On the 40th Anniversary of the Trident Nein Plowshares Action By Art Laffin — July 5, 2022, marks the 40th anniversary of the Trident Nein (German for NO) plowshares disarmament action which I was honored to participate in. I am forever grateful to each of my co-conspirators who were part of this lifegiving witness, as …

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The People Must Create A New America

It is our responsibility to transform this nation and abolish all that brings injustice upon us and the earth we inhabit. The article behind this LINK is amazing for a number of reasons: It is absolutely truthful. The author is an immigrant from Iran, and she tells part of her story about life in Iran, …

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