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Congress Is Bringing Back The Idea Of A “Limited” Nuclear War

PURE DIABOLICAL MADNESS: Lawmakers are betting $45 million that nuclear war does not automatically mean the end of the world. The article behind this LINK illustrates how far down the U.S. Empire has sunk into utter insanity if this bill passes. An excerpt: “Rep. Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.) recently added an amendment to the House version …

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2022 Summer Program

As the Los Angeles Catholic Worker orients its newest summer interns to some of our values, practices, and co-conspirators, we invite you to join us. Beginning Wednesday, June 29, through the next six weeks, we will stream our presentations, culture critiques, and liturgies on Facebook or Zoom for anyone who would like to tune in. …

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Noam Chomsky On The Root Causes Of The Russia-Ukraine War

The article behind this LINK is yet more truth revealed about the war in Ukraine and its repercussions, by Professor Noam Chomsky, believed to be the greatest living intellectual of our time. An excerpt: “One of the reasons that Russian media has been completely blocked in the West, along with the unprecedented control and censorship …

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A Nuclear State Of Denial

For younger people, it is hard to understand that the same nuclear Armageddon scenario their grandparents used to worry about is still here.   The interesting article behind this LINK addresses a serious issue: Young people who do not take the nuclear threat seriously. An excerpt: “A John Mearsheimer video clip from 2016 is going viral …

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Daniel Ellsberg On Nuclear War And Ukraine

The video behind this LINK is yet another wake-up call as Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers and former U.S. war planner) discusses the significance of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the rapidly growing danger of nuclear war with U.S. and NATO.  

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U.S. Squanders $80,000 Every Minute On Nuclear Weapons

An idolatrous and blasphemous abomination! The only way to describe this reality. The disgusting article behind this LINK is enough to sicken anyone with a conscience. Shame! Shame! Shame! An excerpt: The United States spends over $80,000 every single minute on nuclear weapons, more than every single country in the world combined, according to a …

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When the U.S. Is Truly Run by These Fascists It Will Be Too Late

The article behind this LINK is frightening. We the people MUST wake up. Time is rapidly running out. We can’t pretend we don’t know what’s happening and where it will lead if it’s not stopped—the question is what we will do about it. An excerpt: It’s time to talk about what an American fascist government …

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Antarctic Glaciers Melting at Rate Unprecedented in 5,500 Years

  The article behind this LINK is tragic in every sense of the word. “These currently elevated rates of ice melting may signal that those vital arteries from the heart of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet have been ruptured,” said one researcher. “Is it too late to stop the bleeding?” An excerpt: The human-caused climate …

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Racing at Top Speed Towards Global Catastrophe

The article behind this LINK is a wake-up call. It is a  MUST-read–then ACT! An excerpt: There is more carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere than at any time in the past four million years, as the world’s continued dependence on fossil fuels keeps humanity hurtling toward a “global catastrophe,” officials at the National Oceanic and …

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Book Review: Detox!

By DAVE BELLEFEUILLE-RICE Detox! The Spiritual Path of Jesus for 21st Century Men By Craig S. Pesti-Strobel. Resource Publications, 2021, 252 pages, $28.00 Author Craig Pesti-Strobel is a veteran United Methodist pastor. Weaving together his experiences of marriage, family, metanoia, prayer, and forgiveness with well-informed spiritual, psychological, and sociological scholarship, he offers us a quite …

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On A Mission

By TOM HOFFARTH I find myself on a mission. It has to do with separating truths from tall tales about the California mission system in general, and Mission San Gabriel in particular. Because things just got complicated. I am thankful for that. About 20 years ago, my then-4th-grade daughter had the mandatory elementary school project …

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The Boxer

By JEFF DIETRICH He rose abruptly, cracking the empty bottle of Thunderbird on the side of the curb. Waving his jaggededged weapon he crossed the street towards our soup line. Aubury Robinson, a former lightweight contender, was ready for action. I knew from past experiences of his bloody rages that I had to intervene. He …

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