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On July 24, 2017, Jessica Reznicek admitted to engaging in acts of sabotage to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, a 1,172-mile underground oil pipeline running through indigenous territories, crossing beneath the Missouri and Mississippi rivers as well as under part of Lake Oahe near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. Her actions resulted in a 4-month delay in pipeline construction. Despite the fact that the pipelines were not running at the time, there was no chance of a spill, and no one was hurt during the acts of sabotage.  However, U.S. federal Judge Rebecca Goodgame Ebinger later applied a domestic terrorism enhancement to Jessica’s sentence, doubling her prison term to eight years, followed by three years of supervised probation. This is unjust and unfair.

On May 13, Reznicek’s attorneys argued an appeal that the district court had inappropriately decided that her actions constituted a federal crime of terrorism. They are now awaiting a decision concerning the appeal.

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