December 2021 Catholic Agitator

The December 2021 Catholic Agitator is now online.

In this issue:

Christmas Appeal

The Time Is Now! by Mike Wisniewski

John August Swanson Obituary by Mike Wisniewski

Sr. Megan Rice Obituary by Mike Wisniewski

Jesse Lewis Obituary by Mike Wisniewski

A Posture Deeper Than Protest by Matt Harper

Book Review: Healing Haunted Histories by David DeCosse

Harriet Tubman: Conductor On The Underground Railroad by Jeff Dietrich

A Particular Sacredness by Lauren Calka

Book Review: The Sandbox Revolution by Megan Ramsey

Mariposa Musings by Chris Evans


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    • Catherine Vervisch on December 5, 2021 at 8:46 pm
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    I hope to still receive it in snail mail too!

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