Shut Down Creech Killer Drone Base

We want YOU to come to Shut Down Creech 
Fall Week of Actions – Dates:  Sun, Sept 26th – Sat, Oct 2nd
Shut Down Creech is just a month away!  Veterans For Peace and CODEPINK have been working hard to prepare for an exciting Peace Convergence in the beautiful Nevada desert. This is a growing campaign to stop U.S. Drone Terror by challenging the lies and misinformation, appealing to the consciences of the Creech drone base personnel, and nonviolently shutting down Creech Killer Drone Base, a key drone control base in the U.S., for as long as we possibly can. We will peacefully take down one drone base at a time!
Even if you are already pre-registered, we are asking ALL participants to use this form to register for Creech. We have been working hard to develop programming for the week with opportunities for participants to lead activities as well. We will let all registered participants know the schedule before leaving, so you’ll know what to expect when coming out. Registering also helps our team with meal planning by giving us an early headcount. Register now! 
The U.S. Drone Terror Machine is crumbling. Daniel Hale’s courageous actions as a drone whistleblower are emboldening others to take action. If you have been curious about coming to Creech in the past, NOW is the time to come. Come to connect with community and to stand up against the US drone warfare program. Come to learn more about the drone terror program and how we can continue to stand in resistance. 




  • Three of the recently hired Veterans For Peace Staff coming to SDC!        (Exec. Director Garett Reppenhagen, Jules Vaquera & Chris Velazquez ) Chris is overseeing the rapidly expanding Gamers For Peace campaign and Jules is the new membership coordinator (and is overseeing music at SDC). . 

  • Music: Nightly drumming and music circles (bring your drum and other instruments!)  
  • Nonviolence Training to best prepare us for peaceful resistance.  
  • Daily morning stretch & meditation by VFP Casey Stinemetz, to keep us centered and resilient.
  • Evening Talent Show: Bring your poetry, music, and other gifts to share. 
  • Film Showings and discussion: Freedom Riders & Sir No Sir                                                                                    (Lessons learned from Civil Rights Movement and Vietnam War resistance within the U.S. military)  
  • Nature Excursions: wild horses, desert walks, Desert National Wildlife Refuge
  • Las Vegas Street Theater (TBD), educate the public!
  • Bring your favorite animal costume for: CREECHERS FOR THE PLANET vigil….a playful attempt to communicate the urgency of ending global militarism for the survival of the planet.
  • Friday AM:  Last Vigil at Creech AFB: FLY A KITE NOT A DRONE. 
  • We need more volunteers/helpers.Reach out to us:What can you offer?                                                                                                           

We are going to have a BLAST in the Nevada Desert, as we unite together against the Terror Drone Machine! Questions? Contact Us Here.
The Shut Down Creech Team,
Eleanor, Toby, Maggie, Garett, and Casey
PS – More exciting updates coming soon, so stay tuned! The weekly schedule will be posted on the SDC website soon. Really hoping to come, but not 100% sure? Registering early helps us GREATLY to better plan. Sign up now, okay to cancel later:  
Our Fall Shut Down Creech week is dedicated to The Defenseless People Living Under and Terrorized Daily by U.S. drones.  
Please Support Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale, now serving 45 months for exposing drone war crimes. Join us in Nevada to unite against U.S. drone terror.  Free Daniel Hale Now!

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