August 2021 Catholic Agitator

The August 2021 edition of the Catholic Agitator is now online.

In this issue:

The Only Solution is Love by LACW Sister House Network

Parables As Subversive Speech (Book Review) by Mike Wisniewski

War Tax Resistance by David & Janet Hartsough

Theological Priorities by Matt Harper

Pursuing Nonviolence by John Dear

Christians And Nonviolence by Josh Flaugher

Living Into Nonviolence by Matt Harper

Romero House Interview by Maggie Miller

Yielding To My Black Brothers by Patrick O’Neill

Better Know A Volunteer: Bryce Dwyer by Jed Poole

Solar Portrait (Poem) by Alberto Oropeza

A Holy Thought (Poem) by Arnal Kennedy

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    • Frank ODonnell on August 12, 2021 at 8:53 am
    • Reply

    Dear Catholic Worker,
    I am not able to read and print an article that was recommended to me — The Only Solution is Love (August).
    Would you be able to email that article to me.
    Many thanks,
    Brother Frank ODonnell, SM

    [email protected]

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