Via Crucis: The Stations of the (Displacing) Cross

The annual Los Angeles Catholic Worker commemoration of the Good Friday Stations of the Cross has taken place since the 1970s. For the L.A.C.W., the Via Crucis (literally “the way of torture”) serves as a reminder of many ways that Christ is still crucified in our world today. This year, we gathered virtually to remember, to repent, and to recommit ourselves to the radical work of liberation to which Christ calls all people of faith.

This year’s stations juxtapose Jesus’s life and passion with the brutal history of displacement in the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles, which has long been in the crosshairs of Los Angeles politicians, business elite, and white Angelenos, and it has also been the Los Angeles Catholic Worker’s home for more than 50 years.

You can watch the recording of our live event from Good Friday on our Facebook page.

And/or get a copy of the script here.

Please enjoy learning about the in-depth history of Los Angeles and the community we live in!

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