April 2020 Catholic Agitator – 50 Years of the LACW (Part 2)

The April 2020 issue of the Catholic Agitator is now online.

In this edition, we continue to celebrate 50 years of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker (and Catholic Agitator) with Part 2. This issue highlights some great articles and photos from the LACW’s past 25 years, as well as reflections written by current community members.

In this issue: 

Fifty Years Later  by Sarah Fuller

Homeless Harassed: Protection or Service? by Joyce Parkhurst

Hippie Kitchen Today by Kaleb Havens

Resurrection City by Jeff Dietrich

The Only Solution is Love by the L.A. Catholic Worker Sister House Network

Soup Kitchen Subversives by Jeff Dietrich

The Great Shopping Cart Caper by Jeff Dietrich

Conscientious Objector to Technology by Kate Chatfield

To Die at the Catholic Worker by Kieran Prather

Victory for the Homeless by Alice Callaghan

Foot Care at the L.A. Catholic Worker: A Geography of Suffering by Karan Founds-Benton

No Peace, No Prize by David Omondi

Vandenberg Backcountry Action by Theo Kayser

Largest Protest in a Decade by Allison McGillivray

We Are All Part of the Occupy Movement by Alecia Stuchlik

Jesus Was a Homeless Enabler by Jeff Dietrich

LACW Timeline (1993-2020)

Sister House Network – The Gift of the Catholic Worker by Julia Occhiogrosso

Child of Christ by Patty Carmody

Life and Hope in Tonopah Jail by Martha Scarbrough

Skid Row Poor Win Victory Against LAPD by Jeff Dietrich

Letter to Cardinal Mahoney by The Los Angeles Catholic Worker Community

The Women Didn’t Run by Brendan Walsh

Listen to Him by Toni Flynn

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