COVID-19 UPDATE – We CAN Use Volunteers

Hello, outside world! We hope you all have been staying safe and healthy!

With this ongoing crisis, we have continued to provide take-out food to our Skid Row community during the regular serving hours. The food is going faster than it has in decades. It has taken careful calculations and creative use of our stove space to figure out how to make more than twice the amount of beans as we were serving only a month ago.

For the safety of our more vulnerable housemates at our house of hospitality, our community has branched out into two groups: one that keeps the kitchen up and running and one that keeps our home healthy and happy.

As we are serving an unprecedented amount of food, with a bare bones crew of people, we can use volunteers. The health of Skid Row is our priority, so we are asking all volunteers if they have been healthy and not have traveled (by plane or other public transit) in the past two weeks. We are also taking extra precautions in the kitchen, for those who are being good about social distancing – we have tasks that can be accomplished while staying 6ft away from others!

Please call our house if you have any questions about volunteering at this time! 323-267-8789

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