February 2020 Catholic Agitator – 50 Years of the LACW (Part 1)

The February 2020 issue of the Catholic Agitator is now online

In this edition, we celebrate 50 years of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker (and Catholic Agitator). This issue highlights some great articles and photos from the LACW’s first 25 years–1970-1995. The next issue will cover the second 25 years.

In this issue:

There is a Season by Matt Harper

Hey Brother by LACW Founder, Dan Delany

Hope for the Poor of Nicaragua by Rev. Philip Zwerling

The City of Angels Sidewalks by Catherine Morris

Faith and Absurdity by Joan Traffecanty

Anarchy of the Heart by Gary Cavalier

Abandoning Our Poor by Donald Nollar

Striking the Bloodsuckers by Ray Correio

After Eight Years, We Do Not View Success As the World Sees It by Jeff Dietrich

Nonviolence in Action by Kate Chatfield

History of Ministry and Timeline of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker (1970-1995)

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