2018 Catholic Worker Seder Of Liberation

On Sunday, April 8, we celebrated our 43rd annual Catholic Worker Seder of Liberation, again held at Throop Unitarian Universalist Church in Pasadena. It was a great success with 56 people in attendance. Everyone had a very enjoyable time. LACW Susan Dietrich was the MC, former LACW Rev. Elizabeth Griswold, her husband Rabbi Seth Castleman, and LACW Alexandria Addesso were our head table Hagaddah readers. Also at the table were Lilah and Abraham, Eliz and Seth’s children.

There were poignant personal stories of liberation shared, and at one point, Jeff presented Martha with a flower bouquet for her 25 years with the LACW and as a farewell gift for her and her husband Jesse, who are retiring from LACW community life. After the Seder we enjoyed a delicious meal with plenty of food and tasty desserts.

We thank all who attended. If you did not attend, we suggest that you plan ahead for next year (the Sunday after Easter). Guaranteed you will not regret it. See photos HERE.

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