City Hall Toilet Action

A few LACW community members hit the streets on Skid Row today and collected a trash bag of used disposable towel wipes that we handed out as well as signatures on a toilet, all of which will be used in our city hall toilet action this Wednesday, October 25, at 10am. We have also collected a few trash bags full of used disposable wipes on kitchen serving days, which all combined, will be used in this action. We ask and encourage anyone who can join us on Wednesday to please contact us at 323-267-8789 or at [email protected] by Tuesday evening or show up at city hall, at First and Main, Wednesday morning at 9:45am.

This nonviolent action is in response to the Hepatitis “A” outbreak on Skid Row and the lack of concern by city officials to provide portable toilets and hand-washing stations as recommended by a recent study, which found that toilets on Skid Row are less accessible than in Syrian refugee camps. The study recommended that 107 portable toilets and hand-washing stations be installed in the 50 square block area on the eastern edge of downtown known as Skid Row, which has a homeless population of approximately 4000 people. Again, if you can afford the time, please join us. As an added note, Governor Brown recently DECLARED a state of emergency over the Hepatitis A outbreak in which 19 people have already died.

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