Vacationing Family From Midwest

On Saturday, June 3, we had a unique group of volunteers at our soup kitchen to serve the Skid Row poor and homeless. The McInerney family, from Lincoln, Nebraska, were on a family vacation road trip and while on the road, wanted to find a way to serve those in need. They had some prior knowledge of the Catholic Worker movement and while planning their trip looked online for a soup kitchen and found the LACW. They called and made reservations and upon arriving in Los Angeles found their way to the kitchen. They were very excited and grateful that their entire family was allowed to work together.

In the above photo are Alexa, Lisa (mom), Julia, Allen (dad), Tessa, and Lydia. They were great volunteers eager to work and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you McInerney family! Many blessings. (Click on photo for high resolution viewing)

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