October 2013 Agitator

Front Cover October 2013Here is the October Catholic Agitator

    In This Issue:

    • Harming The National Defense by Jeff Dietrich
    • In Nairobi, Kenya New Catholic Worker by David Omondi
    • Interview With Terrorist Nun by Jeff Dietrich
    • Seven Sacred Works For Young Activists For The Love Of Justice by Lydia Wyllie-Kellermann
    • A Swift And Brutal Verdict by Chris Hedges
    • In Syria: The U.S. Has No Dog In This Fight by Faustino Cruz
    • Organizing For Justice: Immigration Reform by Heather Moline
    • Project Unspeakable

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    • Jason Burton on November 18, 2013 at 5:41 pm
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    I’m thrilled to see that a CW is in the works outside of Nairobi! I’m engaged to Kenyan and we’ve been seriously talking about beginning a community in Nairobi for some time now. We’re inspired both by the radicalness of the CW movement and by John Perkin’s christian community development work so have been dreaming of something of a mix of the two.

    I’m in Portland visiting my family for two months and wonder if we can meet either here in the states or in Kenya when I head back to talk about your plans and how we might collaborate? We’re both new learners of the CW and don’t have much to offer there but I’ve been living in Ethiopia for a few years running a shelter for street children and she lives in Nairobi directing an orphanage. We’ve both been praying for ways to become deeper involved with our neighbors and have been spending more and more time in slums wondering how is best to help bring change. Maybe we’ve crossed paths for a reason.

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