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LACW Website Changes

Effective immediately, all posts relating to resistance and other topics not directly related to the LACW community now are posted under the category: On The Line. Other navigational changes can be found in “Categories” in the left column on this page. Other changes are forthcoming, including a new redesigned home page. Stay in touch.

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2013 Summer Internship Program

Please be advised that we no longer are accepting applications for this year’s Summer Program. If you have an interest, please consider coming after August 11. See our Internship Opportunities page for further info. Thank you. Many blessings.

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Transform Now Plowshares Pre-Trial Hearing

Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark was allowed to testify on behalf of the Transform Now Plowshares peacemakers at a April 23 pre-trial hearing in federal court in Knoxville, Tennessee. For over one and one-half hours, Clark captivated the court with his testimony. Read an abridged transcript of his amazing and brilliant testimony that named the …

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Drones, Sanctions, and the Prison Industrial Complex

This LINK is to a reflection by Brian Terrell, longtime Catholic Worker from the CW Farm in Maloy, Iowa, who has spent the past five months in a federal prison for protesting drone warfare at Whiteman AFB in Missouri. (Photo is of Brian just before his arrest on April 15, 2012)

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Court Rules SOA/ WHINSEC Graduates Names Must Be Released

In a major victory for SOA Watch, United States District Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton, from the Northern District of California, ordered the Pentagon to release the names of who trains and teaches at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (SOA/WHINSEC). This victory was nearly a decade in the making. Read story HERE.

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Some Justice Does Remain In The System

This LINK is to a New York Times article about a U.S. immigration judge’s decision to deport back to El Salvador the General responsible for overseeing torture, and the rape and murder of Ita Ford, Maura Clarke, Jean Donovan, and Dorothy Kazel, the four U.S. churchwomen assassinated in El Salvador in 1980, as well as …

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Seder 2013

On Sunday, April 14, we celebrated our 39th annual Seder of Liberation. It was a huge success with one of the largest and liveliest crowds in history. We shared a great meal after the Seder with plenty of food and tasty desserts. All had a great time. HERE are this year’s photos. Plan ahead for …

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Anti-Drone Protest

The ANSWER Coalition is sponsoring an anti-drone protest this Saturday, April 13, at 1pm, gathering on the West Steps of City Hall (On 1st St. between Spring and Main).

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When Is Enough, Enough? Close Guantanamo NOW!

Over 130 of the 166 men in Guantanamo have joined the hunger strike. According to the military 11 prisoners now are being tortuously force fed. See related article HERE. See other news HERE.

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April 2013 Agitator

Here is the APRIL Catholic Agitator In This Issue: Betrayed: Child Sex Abuse Scandal by Jeff Dietrich For Michael-Survived With Grace by Toni Flynn Seeking Sexual Healing Interview with Barbara Blaine Book Review: My Journey from Silence to Solidarity by Mike Wisniewski Court Statement: Not Doing Nothing by Theo Kayser Pfc. Bradley Manning: Guilty of …

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Photos From Good Friday 2013 Anti-War Stations of the Cross

HERE are photos from this year’s Anti-War Stations of the Cross. This year had an added theme of: “Free Guantanamo Prisoners.” The weather was perfect; more than 100 people joined with us; and Donald Nollar did an EXCELLENT job on this year’s script. We thank all who attended. For everyone who could not attend this …

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