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New Genesis Apartments Protest

On Tuesday, June 26, The LACW joined with Alice Callaghan, LA Can, and Occupy Skid Row to protest the opening of the New Genesis Apartments, which is the former Genesis Hotel renovated by Skid Row Housing Trust (SRHT). Originally the renovation project was to include low income units to accommodate some of the Skid Row …

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2012 Volunteer Thank You Party

On June 24, 2012, Tom & Anne Smet (Jeff’s brother in-law and sister) hosted our 2012 Volunteer Thank You Party. It was a great time with good conversations, good food, plenty of sunshine and a variety of refreshments, and good music for dancing. All had a wonderful time. Thank you volunteers, without you the “Hippie …

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Statewide Education, Organizing, Strategy and Resistance Conference. Hope For The 21st Century Challenging Robotic Weapons & Social Control Technologies Awareness, Sanctuary and Effective Civil Resistance at the Edge of the Robotic/Biotech/Nanotech Age and the Brink of the Iran World War October 22: Backcountry Nonviolent Resistance Action to Occupy/Disrupt the Pentagon’s Global Drone & Missile Targeting Nerve-Center — Vandenberg …

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LACW in Solidarity With Occupy and LA CAN – Five Arrested

On Thursday, May 31, Occupy L.A., Occupy Skid Row, Occupy the Hood, and L.A. Community Action Network (LA CAN), began an ongoing protest and an occupation in front of the Central City Association (CCA) offices to voice opposition to CCA and LAPD policy of constantly harassing the Skid Row poor and homeless. On day four …

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June 2012 Agitator

Here is the June CATHOLIC AGITATOR In This Issue: The Great Shopping Cart War by Jeff Dietrich We Need Money For Shopping Carts by Jeff Dietrich Sheba, The Queen Of Skid Row by Ed Pilolla Papal Critique Of Women: An Interview With Lenore Dowling, IHM Thank You Sisters! by Eric DeBode Thousands Protest At NATO …

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