Skid Row Walk The Talk Parades

Posters of Jeff and CatherineOn May 26, 27 & 28, 2012, the LAPD (L.A. Poverty Department) sponsored and coordinated three different parades honoring 36 Skid Row Visionaries. For three hours on each of three days people gathered, and with a brass band paraded around Skid Row, stopping at various sights to hear the history of people and places that have served the Skid Row poor and stood for the rights and dignity of those on Skid Row. On Saturday, May 26, the parade began on Sixth Street and Stanford with 13 stories told along the route. One stop was at the LACW “Hippie Kitchen,” where Jeff and Catherine were honored and the kitchen celebrated for 42 years of service. Also at this stop was the story of former LACW community member Nancy Mintie, who in 1980, founded the Inner City Law Center, that today continues to serve the city’s most vulnerable. It was a fun time and great to listen to all the interesting stories. See photos HERE Watch video of skit HERE Learn more about the event and the Skid Row History Museum HERE.

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