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Photos from LMU Shakespeare/King Lear Event

Here are PHOTOS of the LMU and Marymount Institute for Faith, Culture and the Arts Shakespeare program, of which Jeff was a contributor.

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Catherine Morris Interviewed on KPFK (Pacifica) Radio 90.7 FM

Catherine was interviewed this morning (Friday, April 20, 2012) on Sonali Kolhatkar’s program “Uprising” regarding the furor over the Vatican’s statement against the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. Click HERE to view the story and listen to the 13 minute interview.

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The LACW fully supports the upcoming May 1 General Strike (M1GS), and encourages EVERYONE to participate. The late prophetic Philip Berrigan, (see this article) and (Jonah House), often stressed the need for a general strike in this nation to begin the process of ending capitalism and become a more just and peace-loving society. The Occupy …

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2012 Seder of Liberation

Here are PHOTOS of this year’s Seder of Liberation.

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Jeff Has An Op-Ed Piece In The Online Version Of The L.A. Times

Link to it here: Homeless Enablers—And Proud Of It!

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Jeff’s Presentation on Shakespeare’s King Lear at LMU

Jeff will give a presentation on Shakespeare’s King Lear at a performance, reading, and musical essay at a Loyola Marymount University event celebrating “The Heart, the Gift, and the Book: Shakespeare’s First Folio”, and book launch and book signing of In Possession of Shakespeare: Writing into Nothing (to which Jeff is a contributor) on Monday, …

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2012 Good Friday Stations Of The Cross Photos

Here are PHOTOS of this year’s Good Friday Stations of the Cross at places of darkness around downtown L.A.

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April 2012 Agitator

Here is the April CATHOLIC AGITATOR In This Issue: Occupy the Temple by Jeff Dietrich Healing and Restoring To Wholeness by Faustino Cruz It Felt Like Home by Rebecca Casas PLC Resisters Occupy Vandenberg: an Interview with Dennis Apel The Catholic Church: Morality Cop or Prophet by Theo Kayser

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