May 2006 Agitator is Here

May 2006 Cover of the Catholic Agitator

The new issue of the Agitator is here, and with any luck it should be back from the printers and in the mail by the end of next week.

In this issue:

  • Renaissance or Resurrection, The Struggle For Downtown Renewal by Jeff Dietrich
  • Tom Fox, RIP by Ched Myers
  • Immigrants Make History by Donald Nollar
  • Victory for the Homeless by Alice Callaghan
  • The Martyrs Come Alive by John Dear SJ
  • An Update from Manuel Hernández
  • Happy 60th Birthday Jeff Dietrich!

The issue is available online as a PDF file at:


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  1. I have posted the full Ninth Circuit opinion discussed in “Victory for the Homeless” by Alice Callaghan on the web page of the St. Benedict Catholic Worker:

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