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Seder 2006 Photos

Today was one of our best Seder celebrations ever. Several of our friends, volunteers and workers from other Catholic Worker Communities showed up to help make it a blast. Special thanks go out to Mike Wisniewski for taking photos of the event, which can be viewed at: http://lacatholicworker.org/g/Seder_2006/  

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Jeff Dietrich runs in Los Angeles Marathon

  Recently we got the photos back from long time community member Jeff Dietrich’ run in the Los Angeles Marathon on March 19th. Just one week shy of his 60th birthday Jeff and long time LACW friend Dan Jiru completed the marathon. David, Sarah and Claire showed up to cheer Jeff on at various spots …

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35,000 Pounds Untreated Fecal Material Deposited Daily on Downtown Sidewalks

Two weeks ago the city removed several porta-potties located in the Skid Row area. For many of our friends on the streets this was the only restroom they had access to. Below is an advertisement that was placed in the Business Journal by a friend of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker, in an attempt to …

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2006 Stations of the Cross Photos

1093 For those who missed, or were unable to brave the weather, I have uploaded the photos from our Annual Stations of the Cross. Many thanks to Paul and Elizabeth for reading, to Donald for organizing the event and Mike for taking the photos. http://lacatholicworker.org/g/Stations_of_the_Cross_06/  

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Manuel & Jorge’s new community in Mexico

1011 Recently two Los Angeles Catholic Workers visited Manuel and Jorge’s new community in Mexico. Manuel and Jorge have settled down in the small town of Hostotipaquillo, which is in the northern part of the state of Jalisco near Magdalena and Tequila. Donald Nollar visited in march and the photos from his trip are available …

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Vandenberg Protest, May 20 @ 1PM

437 Join the Los Angeles Catholic Worker and others on Armed Forces Day at the gates of Vandenberg Air Force Base. Guest speakers include: Que Keju of the Marshall Islands, Medea Benjamin of Global Exchange and Code Pink, and Bill Mitchell of Gold Star Families for Peace. Vandenberg Air Force Base is the testing ground …

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