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Kathy Kelly’s Talk Now Online

A little over a year ago Kathy Kelly, co-founder of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, gave a talk to the Los Angeles Catholic Worker, our friends, and our volunteers at, Dolores Mission, our local parish. The other day I took a break from working on the next issue of the Catholic Agitator and encoded the speech …

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Audio Archive

I am excited to announce a new Audio Archive section of our website. A while ago I found a box of audio tapes in the basement full of recordings of talks and presentations made at the LACW over the years, by people like Cesar Chavez, Ladon Sheats and others involved in the CW Movement. In …

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Tom and Jan Honoré’s trip to Haiti

Haiti/ Recently two of our faithful Thursday volunteers, Tom and his wife Jan Honoré, went on a delegation to Haiti. We plan to feature the autrocities being commited in that country in our next issue of the Agitator, including an article written by Tom of his experiences there. Photo Gallery of Tom and Jan’s trip …

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Michael Morales not executed!

Michael Morales was not executed early Tuesday morning, due to a new order by a federal judge requiring two anesthesiologists to be present in order to verify that the inmate was not in pain during the execution. The doctors refused to take part, citing that it was unethical for a member of the medical profession …

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Ched Myers in Los Angeles

firstsunday/album02/100_1873.jpg Word & World Minischool ::= On Faith & Labor March 11th, 2006 9am – 4:30 pm; Brentwood Presbyterian Church Ched Myers will be conducting a Word and World minischool in March here in Los Angeles on Faith and Labor. Unfortunatly none of us at the LACW will be able to attend since our kitchen …

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