Vandenberg Demonstration Photos


For all of those who missed the protest at Vandenberg Air Force Base I posted a few of the photos I took at the demonstration, they can be found at:
The event was well attended by many including a bus full of peacefull people from the Orange County Peace Coalition. Our guest speaker this year was Kathy Kelly, from Voices in the Wilderness, who did an outstanding job. Although not as bad or intrusive as last year, the military did photograph all of the participants. More information about future peace demonstrations at Vandenberg AFB can be found at the Vandenberg Peace Legal Defense Fund website at:


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    • gramma on May 23, 2005 at 9:15 am
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    So where were all the pics of the rest of the community? Were you all there? Miss you
    Miss you, love, Joyce

  1. I think you forgot to click on

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