June 2021 Catholic Agitator

The June 2021 issue of the Catholic Agitator is out! Read what we have to say about dismantling systems!

In this issue:

Dismantle the System by Matt Harper

American Nightmare by Mike Wisniewski

The Beguines by Megan Ramsey

The Age of Social Murder by Chris Hedges

Bursting Bubbles by Maggie Miller

Why the Silence? by Mike Wisniewski

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April 2021 Catholic Agitator

Enjoy the April 2021 Issue of the Catholic Agitator!

In this issue:

No To Canonization by Brian Terrell

Bill Hoard R.I.P by Jeff Dietrich

Sr. Dianna Ortiz R.I.P by Mike Wisniewski

About The Cover Art by Uzoamaka Maduka

Principalities in Particular Book Review by Mike Wisniewski

My Experience with the LACW by Andrés Giesemann

Foxes & Dens, Birds & Nests, The Son of Man And Ammon by Kaleb Havens

The Displacement of Boyle Heights by Matt Harper

Commitment to Farming by Maggie Miller, Meg Lyczak, and Andrés Giesemann

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Via Crucis: The Stations of the (Displacing) Cross

The Los Angeles Catholic Worker has been doing this modern day retelling of the Stations of the Cross since the early 1970s. For the L.A. Catholic Worker, the Via Crucis (literally “the way of torture”) serves as a reminder of the many ways that Christ is still crucified in our world today. This year, we gathered virtually to remember, to repent, and to recommit ourselves to the radical work of liberation as Christ called all people to, roughly two millennia ago.

This year’s stations juxtapose Jesus’s life and passion with the brutal history of displacement in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. This community has long been in the crosshairs of Los Angeles politicians, business elite, and white Angelenos, and it has also been the home of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker for over 50 years.

You can watch the recording of our live event from Good Friday on our Facebook page.

And/or get a copy of the script here.

Please enjoy learning about a more in depth history of Los Angeles and the community we live in!

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February 2021 Catholic Agitator

Take a look at the February 2021 Issue of the Catholic Agitator!

In this issue:

632 Brittania Street: A History by Matt Harper

Resist (Super) Market Forces by Maggie Miller

Reject and Resist Empire by Mike Wisniewski

Let the Church Roll On by Bishop F. J. Cheri III, OFM

Reflections on Artsakh: An Interview with Taleen Asadourian by Maggie Miller




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December 2020 Catholic Agitator

We are not alone! In this December 2020 issue, read about other groups doing different parts of the work of meeting the needs of our brothers and sisters.

In this issue:

Important, Yet Interdependent by Matt Harper

Finding Alternatives to Police by Becky McIntyre

Fighting for Tomorrow’s Skid Row by Maggie Miller

A Spectrum of Resistance by Matt Harper

The Gift of Housing by Becky McIntyre

Surely Goodness and Mercy by Jeff Dietrich

Kings Bay Plowshare 7 Sentencing Update by Mike Wisniewski

Pick A Side by NOLYMPICS L.A.

In Defense of Housing by Matt Harper

Funding Human Needs by Matt Harper

The First Christmas by Josh Flaugher

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40th Anniversary of the Four Churchwomen in El Salvador: Dec. 2 @4PM

Join Us!

Dec. 2nd at 4PM (PST)

On December 2, 1980, four U.S. churchwomen working with the poor in El Salvador – Maryknoll Sisters Maura Clarke and Ita Ford, Ursuline Sister Dorothy Kazel, and lay missioner Jean Donovan – were kidnapped, raped, and murdered by the U.S.-backed military of El Salvador. In the end they met the same fate as thousands of unnamed poor of El Salvador who were killed or disappeared.

Join us virtually in commemorating their 40th anniversary.

Please click the link below to join the webinar Dec. 2nd  4:00pm (PST)


For more information visit:


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The October 2020 Catholic Agitator

In this October 2020 edition of the Agitator, we’re in search of some Good News!

In this issue:

In Search of Good News by Matt Harper

“Bayanihan” In True Community by Becky McIntyre

From Green Lining to Green Revolution by Maggie Miller

The Good News And Art by Sarah Fuller

Wisdom in the Garden by Jeff Dietrich

Lamentations: An Interview with Dr. Kathleen O’Connor by Ben Borden

The Tenacious Solidarity of God by Liza Apper, Obl OSB

Infection COVID-19 by Luis D. Perez

A Moment in the Movement by Matt Harper

Get to Know the LACW Community by Sarah Fuller

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Hippie Kitchen Will Be Closed Saturday Sept. 19

The Hippie Kitchen will be closed for all services this Saturday, September 19,  for our annual Catholic Worker Sister House retreat.

We are (virtually) spending the day with communities of “sister houses” that have been started by former LACW community members. These former LACW workers have created communities around the US,  as well as in Mexico and Kenya! Read more about LACW’s sister house network here.

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Hippie Kitchen Resumes Serving To-Go Meals!

The Hippie Kitchen is serving TO-GO Meals again! Due to concerns of COVID-like symptoms, our kitchen was closed for the past week as our workers and volunteers got tested multiple times. We have no positive cases and are back on 6th Street serving TO-GO Meals, passing out mail, and providing hygiene items: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Any volunteers are encouraged to join us in meal prep, we only ask that you are not coming into contact with many others, have not been in a high risk area in over two weeks (travelled, protests or gatherings of large groups, etc), and can be tested on a weekly basis. Please call for more info: 323-267-8789

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Due to concerns over COVID-19 the Hippie Kitchen will be temporarily closed until September 8th. If you plan to volunteer or to eat with us, please check the website for further updates.

We will continue to do mail service only, but will not be providing food or toiletries at this time.

We are not the only food providers for our friends in the community, but know that every time we close, it is an inconvenience to folks.  Please keep the community of Skid Row in your prayers!

If you need more information on volunteering please call us: 323-267-8789

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The Hippie Kitchen is OPEN Again!

The Hippie Kitchen is serving TO-GO Meals again! Due to concerns of an exposure to COVID, our kitchen was closed for the past two weeks as our workers and volunteers quarantined. Everyone is healthy and we are back on 6th Street serving TO-GO Meals and passing out hygiene items.

Any volunteers are encouraged to join us in meal prep, we only ask that you are not coming into contact with many others, have not been in a high risk area in over two weeks (travelled, protests or gatherings of large groups, etc), and can be tested on a weekly basis.

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Art Laffin – The Risk of the Cross – New Edition




Art Laffin, of the DC Catholic Worker, has a new edition of his book, The Risk of the Cross, available now!

The Risk of the Cross is an excellent resource for courageous groups and individuals seeking to learn about the danger presented by nuclear weapons, to pray and reflect together on the Scriptural call to just peace, and to act in response.”
Christian discipleship depends not on what ideas we believe but rather on a fundamental question: In whom do we place our trust? In Mark’s gospel, we find what this challenge entails when Jesus declares that the primary condition for discipleship is “to take up the cross and follow in my steps” (Mk 8:34). What does it mean to follow Jesus’ way of the cross and to place our trust in God for our true security, instead of in nuclear weapons that can destroy all life on earth? How do we find hope and courage to stand for God’s reign of love, justice, and nonviolence in a time of unprecedented nuclear danger and other global perils?
   This new edition of The Risk of the Cross will inspire Christians seeking answers to these questions today, just as the first edition helped Christians a generation ago. At its core are five small-group sessions focusing on Jesus’ call to discipleship in Mark’s gospel—all linked to appendices containing information and inspiration to help faith communities embrace the way of gospel nonviolence and to take action to avert nuclear annihilation.
As worldwide commemorations will be held August 6-9 marking the 75th anniversary of the US nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and calling for nuclear abolition, this book is a timely invaluable resource for all followers of Jesus committed to bringing about peace, social justice and a disarmed world.

ARTHUR LAFFIN is coauthor of the original The Risk of the Cross (with Elin Schade and Christopher Grannis), and co-editor of Swords into Plowshares. A member of the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker in Washington D.C., he has long been active in  faith-based nonviolent movements for peace and social justice.

144 PAGES •  5.5″ X 8.5″ •  $16.95
ISBN: 9781627855402

Available Now

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