Guadalupe CW New House Blessing

IMG_4868 IMG_4897 On Sunday, February 15, the LACW traveled up the central coast to our sister house in Guadalupe, CA, for the blessing of the new “Beatitude House.” Dennis, Tensie, Rozella, Thomas, and Jorge opened the new house more than a month ago after being in the old house for 18 years. The old house was sold late last summer by the landowner. The Guadalupe CW community was able to raise the necessary funds to purchase the new house. They had a contractor who donated his labor to completely renovate the house. They also are blessed with a student from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo who also donated his labor and needed materials to install a complete water conservation and recycling unit that will collect water from fog condensation and rain, which then will be used to water the backyard garden and front lawn. We ask that you pray with us for their continued success in serving the farmworker community in the Guadalupe area with medical care and food.

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    • Lupe Guzman on March 27, 2015 at 4:31 pm
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    congratulations Tensi, Dennis, Rosella, Thomas and Jorge, en HORABUENA!!!

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