FBI files on the Los Angeles Catholic Worker

It was reported in this morning’s New York Times that the ACLU has obtained documents confirming that the FBI has been spying on peace activists, included in the list are Peta, Grean Peace and the Los Angeles Catholic Worker. There are two FBI files that the ACLU has, both related to our semi-annual protest at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Those wishing to start, or add to their own files the next protest at Vandenberg will be on May 20th.
ACLU’s own report about FBI spying
ACLU’s list of FBI files obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.
The two files related to the Los Angeles Catholic Worker:

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  1. I am honored to know you and to be your friend.
    Thank you for your ongoing faithful witness and being those who
    “advocate a communist distribution of resources.” in this world
    where there continues to be no room in the inn for Christ.
    I am working on my file here.

    Atlanta’s own “communist pinko”, Lauren

    • Joyce on December 22, 2005 at 9:31 pm
    • Reply

    Well, you all must have it right!!

  2. Did the FBI take any good photos that you can use on your web page? 🙂

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