2022 Summer Program

As the Los Angeles Catholic Worker orients its newest summer interns to some of our values, practices, and co-conspirators, we invite you to join us. Beginning Wednesday, June 29, through the next six weeks, we will stream our presentations, culture critiques, and liturgies on Facebook or Zoom for anyone who would like to tune in. We hope you will consider joining us.

To find the dates, times, titles, and streaming location for each of the sessions, please see this LINK. Updates will be posted to this same document. Thank you. Blessings.

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June 2022 Catholic Agitator

The June 2022 Catholic Agitator is now online.


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The Hippie Kitchen Dining Garden To Reopen

Unless COVID infections, hospitalizations, and deaths again escalate unceasingly, we plan to reopen our dining garden on Thursday, June 2.  We will continue serving “to go” containers at the 6th Street gate, but our guests will be able to eat and relax in the garden. Jeff and Catherine will again be present in the garden to greet and talk with our guests.

This step forward will require more volunteers to help us and also require that volunteers be committed to 12:30 so that we can provide a safe environment in the garden during serving hours. Please consider joining us and inviting a friend as we take steps in reverting to our pre-COVID kitchen serving. Thank you.

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Our Seder of Liberation Was a Rousing Success

After a two-year hiatus because of COVID-19, on Sunday, April 24, we again gathered 40 strong to celebrate our annual Seder of Liberation. With Matt as our M/C (who also played keyboards in the band) and with  Hannah Peterson, Alan Pulnar, former community member Dave Lubian, and Ron Kaye at the head table as readers leading us with the Haggadah, and band/choir members Clare Bellefeuille-Rice, Matha Lewis, Donald Nollar, Pat Huckabee, and Matt Harper leading us in song and dance, all had a wonderful time, including a scrumptious dinner that followed, with folk music provided by Clare, Sandi and Pat Huckabee, Donald, and others who joined in.  (Note: Click on each photo to view in high resolution.)

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Our Stations of the Missionary Cross Was a Success

On a beautiful, sunny, and warm Good Friday,  55 people attended in person, with another 75 people attending our 2022 Stations of the Missionary Cross online. Matt did an excellent job organizing and writing a fantastic script detailing the many injustices and abuses of the Catholic Church’s Missions against the Native American population in California. If you have not read the script, you can read it HERE. Below are some photos of the event. (Click on each photo to view it in high resolution.)


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Good Friday Stations Of The Missionary Cross

We thank you for your interest in our Reckoning with Our Mission Histories project.  We would like you to have the information should you be interested in joining us for our annual Stations of the Cross. We believe this powerful event will be an important milestone in our efforts to bring the Catholic community into a much-needed naming of the harms of the mission system. We hope you will consider joining us. 


  • LOCATION: Please meet us at San Gabriel City Hall (425 S. Mission Dr., San Gabriel, CA 91776) before 3pm as we plan to start at 3.

  • PARKING:  Free multi-hour public parking is available at the San Gabriel Playhouse (320 S Mission Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776) just two blocks from our starting point. We envision our stations will take just under two hours, so be mindful of street parking in the area. PLEASE, DO NOT PARK IN THE SAN GABRIEL MISSION PARKING LOT. 

  • Our path is a 0.7 miles loop. If it helped to have a portable seat or umbrella, please bring whatever you need. 


  • ZOOM: You can click this link anytime after 2:30pm (PST)  to watch our livestream of the Stations of the Missionary Cross on Zoom.

  • FACEBOOK:  You can watch the livestream of our Stations at our  Facebook page. Once we have started the livestream, it will pop up there.


  • IN PERSON: Physical copies of the script will be handed out in person at the Stations.

  • ELECTRONIC VIEWING: The script for the event is available HERE and will be made available in the Zoom and Facebook chats.

    • For those viewing online, we would suggest you find a way to have both the script and the video viewable as there will be opportunities for you to participate and having the script accessible will be helpful. Again, thank you for your interest.

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St. Paul High School Walk For Hunger

On a beautiful, sunny, and pleasant Sunday, April 10, the LACW had its only annual fundraiser, the St. Paul High School (in suburban Santa Fe Springs) March For Hunger. The walk is actually a Marathon as it is slightly more than 26 miles.

This is year 49 for the walk that included nearly 300 students, faculty, alumni, and two Catholic Workers who joined in at the spot where we gathered.

We are exceedingly grateful for all the walkers, St. Paul High School, and the money they raise to operate our soup kitchen. A big THANK YOU! and Many blessings.  (Click on photo to view in higher resolution)


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April 2022 Catholic Agitator

The APRIL 2022 Catholic Agitator is now online.

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A Statement on the Ukraine conflict – A Call to Peace and End to War

We are anti-war.  We believe war is a moral failure stemming from our unwillingness to actively work for peace. From the individual to the collective national level, the prioritizing of shortsighted self-interest has created this crisis.

People throughout the world have suffered historically from reactionary violence backed by global powers. We believe the Ukrainians are victims of this horrible violence because of the conflict among the “superpowers” U.S., Russia, and their allies. We stand with all victims of this war, including the often overlooked on all sides of the conflict.

The prospect of nuclear war brings an additionally horrifying element to this crisis. We continue to stand for dismantling nuclear weapons and total disarmament because as long as nuclear weapons remain on earth, this is the inevitable end game.

We recognize that governments and individuals have made swift and hospitable responses to many Ukrainian refugees, but it is also clear that the evils of racism and xenophobia continue to influence whose safety is prioritized. Too often, those fleeing violence face these evils instead of the support and protection all human beings deserve. We must do better for refugees of ALL races, religions, and ethnicities.

We know the first casualty of war is the truth, and it is the unique responsibility of the media to depict complicated issues in their entirety. Particularly in a globalized, militarized world, any media that fails to do this must be called out and corrected. As the Russian people are being lied to through state-sponsored media, we also must acknowledge the interests of our corporate news sources and act with skepticism towards the claims they both make.

While this conflict is the result of Russian aggression, it would be irresponsible and unproductive not to name the role the U.S. and NATO play here, both in supporting the overthrow of Ukrainian elected President Viktor Yanukovych, and stockpiling various weapons around the western borders of Russia.

We are grateful for the model of those who, in the face of overwhelming odds, have decided courageously to resist nonviolently, including those in Russia who have risked arrest and many years in prison for protesting against this war. For the good of our world, the future of our descendants, and for the sake of our very souls, we believe there has never been a better time to invest in peace.

The Los Angeles Catholic Worker

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Join Us For Our Annual Spring Events (Back Again)

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A Call For Repentance

Our Church has not always been resistant to heeding calls for repentance and repair.

Might we heed the call to purify our memories of our sins, and name the harms of our mission system? Please sign our PETITION to help.

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Name the Specific Faults and Systemic Injustices In the California Mission System

As we begin this Lenten season, we call upon Los Angeles Catholic Archbishop Jose Gomez to name the specific faults and systemic injustices in the mission system. Only by naming our wrongs can we truly repent and make reparations for the actions of our Church.

Please take a minute to sign this PETITION and share it with friends and family. For those of you who are into social media, a sample image and text have been included below for you to share.

Please stay tuned for more Lenten opportunities to continue to reckon with the legacy of the mission system. Mark your calendars for in-person Stations of the (Missionary) Cross on Good Friday, April 15, from 3-5 pm, which will explore the crucifixion of Christ alongside that of the Native peoples during the Mission era. More info to come.

We pray this season of reflection, confession, and repentance, may deepen your connection to the God of justice.

Text for social media:

As we remember that we are dust, and to dust we shall return, we call on Archbishop Gomez to model the humility and integrity of Christ by naming the harms of the California mission system. Will you join us?

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