COVID-19 UPDATE – We CAN Use Volunteers

Hello, outside world! We hope you all have been staying safe and healthy!

With this ongoing crisis, we have continued to provide take-out food to our Skid Row community during the regular serving hours. The food is going faster than it has in decades. It has taken careful calculations and creative use of our stove space to figure out how to make more than twice the amount of beans as we were serving only a month ago.

For the safety of our more vulnerable housemates at our house of hospitality, our community has branched out into two groups: one that keeps the kitchen up and running and one that keeps our home healthy and happy.

As we are serving an unprecedented amount of food, with a bare bones crew of people, we can use volunteers. The health of Skid Row is our priority, so we are asking all volunteers if they have been healthy and not have traveled (by plane or other public transit) in the past two weeks. We are also taking extra precautions in the kitchen, for those who are being good about social distancing – we have tasks that can be accomplished while staying 6ft away from others!

Please call our house if you have any questions about volunteering at this time! 323-267-8789

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In light of current events, for the health and safety of our friends in Skid Row, the Hippie Kitchen will remain open but is offering Take Out service only during the coronavirus situation, during regular serving hours. We do not need any new volunteers at this time. Some of our other regular services will also be limited. Please call us at 323-267-8789 if you have any questions.

Also, Wednesday liturgy gatherings at the Hennacy House are currently canceled, and we are currently asking visitors not to come to the house as we have a number of vulnerable people living there. We are also canceling our Seder of Liberation and the Stations of the Cross for this year.

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Due to the discouragement of large gatherings, we are so sorry to have to cancel this year’s Stations of the Cross as well as our annual Seder of Liberation celebration. Although we cannot gather this year, our extended community of friends, family, supporters, and volunteers are not forgotten, we pray we see you all soon.

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Because people still need to eat, we are temporarily keeping our regular serving hours.

We are taking extra precautions around our kitchen to maintain a healthy environment for everyone who comes through. If you have been feeling sick, PLEASE do not volunteer at this time, we will have to send you home. However, if you are in good health, we would love to see you someday soon – Tues, Thurs, or Saturday, 7:30 am -1 pm.

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Join Us For Our Annual Spring Events!

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!

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February 2020 Catholic Agitator – 50 Years of the LACW (Part 1)

The February 2020 issue of the Catholic Agitator is now online

In this edition, we celebrate 50 years of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker (and Catholic Agitator). This issue highlights some great articles and photos from the LACW’s first 25 years–1970-1995. The next issue will cover the second 25 years.

In this issue:

There is a Season by Matt Harper

Hey Brother by LACW Founder, Dan Delany

Hope for the Poor of Nicaragua by Rev. Philip Zwerling

The City of Angels Sidewalks by Catherine Morris

Faith and Absurdity by Joan Traffecanty

Anarchy of the Heart by Gary Cavalier

Abandoning Our Poor by Donald Nollar

Striking the Bloodsuckers by Ray Correio

After Eight Years, We Do Not View Success As the World Sees It by Jeff Dietrich

Nonviolence in Action by Kate Chatfield

History of Ministry and Timeline of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker (1970-1995)

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December 2019 Agitator

The December 2019 issue of the Catholic Agitator is now online.

In this issue:

Annual Appeal – Downtown Gangsters

Grow Old and Be Strong  by Jeff Dietrich

Wisdom From Skid Row

Remembering Karan by Sarah Fuller

Hospitality and Resistance at the Venice Catholic Worker by Lisa Redmond

Ammon Hennacy by Kaleb Havens

My Summer at the LACW by Gloria Günther

LACW Responds to Torture by Mike Wisniewski

Open the Doors by Nathan Sheets

Better Know A Volunteer by Maria Teresa Kamel

Coup in Bolivia by Mike Wisniewski

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Hippie Kitchen Closed for Thanksgiving!

Please note that the LACW Hospitality Kitchen (aka Hippie Kitchen) is closed on Tuesday, November 26 for needed maintenance, and Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 28. However, we will again be open on Saturday, November 30.

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October 2019 Catholic Agitator

The October 2019 issue of the Catholic Agitator is now online!

In this issue:

Catholic Worker Spirituality And The Church by Sarah Fuller

Challenging The Narrative by Robert Peppey

Volunteer of the Month: Bud Fice  by Kaleb Havens

Blowing The Dynamite by Peter Maurin

The Silence Is Deafening by Mike Wisniewski

Roman Catholic Womenpriests by Rev. Kathleen Bellefeuille-Rice

On The Crusader by Matt Harper

Mexican Americans And The Church by Cesar Chavez

Parish Houses Of Hospitality by Peter Maurin

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LACW Protests Prudential Financial’s Ties to GEO Group

This past week, as part of a national campaign urging divestment from private prisons, the L.A. Catholic Worker and friends held a protest outside of Prudential Financial’s offices at the Sherman Oaks Galleria.

Prudential Financial is one of the largest investors in GEO Group, a private prison company that operates various immigrant detention centers and prisons around the country. Over 60% of people in ICE detention are held in private facilities, and GEO Group is the single largest ICE contractor. Additionally, GEO has been subject to many lawsuits regarding inhuman conditions, improper medical care, torture, forced labor, sexual abuse, and deaths at their facilities.

GEO Group is trying to open an immigrant prison in Baldwin, Michigan on October 1st.

While dozens held signs and rallied outside the building, LACWs Kaleb Havens and Mike Wisniewski entered the building, hoping to touch the consciences of those employed at Prudential. While the police were called, there were no arrests.

We believe Jesus came “to proclaim freedom for the prisoners, recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free.” The LACW prays that all people might have eyes that see our own complicity in these unjust systems, from the products we buy to how and where our money is stored.

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The LACW soup kitchen will be closed on Saturday, October 5, for the L.A. Catholic Worker annual Sister House retreat. Please pray for us and join us next Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday!

If you are unaware of the LACW Sister House Network, see this LINK. Each sister house was founded by former L.A. Catholic Worker community members. They can be found across the U.S., and in Mexico, and Kenya.


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Volunteer At The LACW Hospitality Kitchen

The LACW Hospitality Kitchen (aka the Hippie Kitchen) could not operate without the help of volunteers.

We need volunteers every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning. We ask that anyone who would like to help us prepare and serve a hot meal for our homeless sisters and brothers to arrive by 7:30 AM and commit until at least 12:30 PM.

There is no need to sign up in advance if you are coming alone or with just one friend. You should wear clothes you would not mind working in, and bring a cap if you do not want to wear a hairnet.

Click HERE for more info on how to volunteer with us at the Hippie Kitchen.

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