Art Laffin – The Risk of the Cross – New Edition

Art Laffin, the founder, and member of the D.C. Catholic Worker, has a new edition of his book, The Risk of the Cross, now available!

144 PAGES •  $16.95
ISBN: 9781627855402

The Risk of the Cross is an excellent resource for courageous groups and individuals seeking to learn about the danger presented by nuclear weapons, to pray and reflect together on the Scriptural call to a just peace, and to act in response.” – MARIE DENNIS, PAX CHRISTI INTERNATIONAL
Christian discipleship depends not on what ideas we believe but rather on a fundamental question: In whom do we place our trust? In Mark’s gospel, we find what this challenge entails when Jesus declares that the primary condition for discipleship is “to take up the cross and follow in my steps” (Mk 8:34). What does it mean to follow Jesus’ way of the cross and to place our trust in God for our true security, instead of in nuclear weapons that can destroy all life on earth? How do we find hope and courage to stand for God’s reign of love, justice, and nonviolence in a time of unprecedented nuclear danger and other global perils?
This new edition of The Risk of the Cross will inspire Christians seeking answers to these questions today, just as the first edition helped Christians a generation ago. At its core are five small-group sessions focusing on Jesus’ call to discipleship in Mark’s gospel—all linked to appendices containing information and inspiration to help faith communities embrace the way of gospel nonviolence and to take action to avert nuclear annihilation.
As worldwide commemorations will be held August 6-9 marking the 75th anniversary of the US nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and calling for nuclear abolition, this book is a timely invaluable resource for all followers of Jesus committed to bringing about peace, social justice and a disarmed world.

ARTHUR LAFFIN is coauthor of the original The Risk of the Cross (with Elin Schade and Christopher Grannis), and co-editor of Swords into Plowshares. A member of the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker in Washington, D.C., he has long been active in faith-based nonviolent movements for peace and social justice.

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August 2020 Catholic Agitator

The August 2020 issue of the Catholic Agitator is now online

In this issue: 

Beliefs and Values by Sarah Fuller

Peace in the Garden by Anais

Wild Woman, Holy Diamonds by Uzoamaka Maduka

Assembly line Eucharist by Jeff Dietrich

Committed to Change by Matt Harper

Self-Emptying Love by Rev. Larry Holben

What we Believe by Mike Wisniewski

Simple Living in Complex Times by Maggie Miller

Resistance by Patty Carmody

Making a Difference by Mike Wisniewski

Get to Know the LACW Community by Sarah Fuller

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Join Us For Wednesday Evening Liturgy – Virtually!

Roman Catholic Womanpriest, Rev. Kathleen Bellefeuille-Rice, will be leading us in an online liturgy via Zoom. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to come together in prayer as the LACW is quarantining from one another, all of our volunteers, friends, and greater community.

Please join us Wednesday, July 15, at 5pm PDT.

If you are interested in participating, E-mail us at [email protected] for a link.

Hope to see you then!

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Due to concerns over COVID-19 the Hippie Kitchen will be temporarily closed until further notice.

We will continue to do mail service only, but will not be providing food or toiletries at this time.

Please keep the community of Skid Row in your prayers!

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June 2020 Catholic Agitator

The June 2020 issue of the Catholic Agitator is now online

In this issue:

COVID And Its Effect on the LACW by the LACW Community

Still Serving, Pandemic or Not by Kaleb Havens

Work Update at Hennacy House by Sarah Fuller

Margaret Golakoff – R.I.P by Rufo Noriega

Stephen Fischer – R.I.P

Anointing Skid Row by Jeff Dietrich

Hoping For A New Normal by Matt Harper

Catholic Worker Senior Citizen and COVID-19 by Mike Wisniewski

Harm Reduction is Public Health by Iris Vazquez-Howard

The Continued Crucifixion of Christ During Crisis by Matt Harper

Get to Know the LACW Community by Sarah Fuller

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Stations of the Carceral Cross

Because gatherings have been discouraged to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this year our annual Stations of the Cross was led by one person through downtown Los Angeles and streamed on the Los Angeles Catholic Worker Facebook page.  Matt Harper created and led a Stations of the Cross centered on the imprisonment of thousands in Los Angeles County.

The video is in two parts:

Part One

Part Two

Here is the SCRIPT for this year’s stations.

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Unfortunately, We CANNOT Accept NEW Volunteers At This Time

For anyone who has previously volunteered with us, and is familiar with our kitchen, please do consider volunteering – IF you have been healthy for the past two weeks and IF you have not traveled in the past two weeks.

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“Masking Up To Stop the Coronavirus Is Not So Easy for Many of L.A.’s Homeless Residents”

As all of Los Angeles is being called to wear masks while out in public, the L.A. Times reported on the lack of access that most unhoused people have to the protective gear required in this unusual time. Fortunately, the LACW was able to source a couple thousand masks (and more have been donated to us) so we are able to provide the folks that come to eat at the Hippie Kitchen with a simple protective barrier at a time when they have little means to remove themselves from the public.

Read the article here.

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Stations of the Cross is Happening – Virtually!

Good Friday is the day Jesus was arrested, tried, tortured and executed by the State. Join the L.A. Catholic Worker this Good Friday (April 10th) in calling on all Christians to demand our county take immediate action to save the lives of our incarcerated brothers and sisters before their prison cages become death cells.

3 PM – Via Crucis: Stations of the Carceral Cross (live-stream)

Search for “Los Angeles Catholic Worker” on Facebook for find our page, while there, make sure to follow us, if you aren’t already! The video will go LIVE at 3pm, see you there!

Learn more about the demands at:

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Hoping For A New Normal

Our Matt Harper wrote a very good article for L.A. Progressive about the impact of COVID-19 on the Skid Row community, and hopes for a different future for the people of Skid Row.

You can read it under this LINK.

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April 2020 Catholic Agitator – 50 Years of the LACW (Part 2)

The April 2020 issue of the Catholic Agitator is now online.

In this edition, we continue to celebrate 50 years of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker (and Catholic Agitator) with Part 2. This issue highlights some great articles and photos from the LACW’s past 25 years, as well as reflections written by current community members.

In this issue: 

Fifty Years Later  by Sarah Fuller

Homeless Harassed: Protection or Service? by Joyce Parkhurst

Hippie Kitchen Today by Kaleb Havens

Resurrection City by Jeff Dietrich

The Only Solution is Love by the L.A. Catholic Worker Sister House Network

Soup Kitchen Subversives by Jeff Dietrich

The Great Shopping Cart Caper by Jeff Dietrich

Conscientious Objector to Technology by Kate Chatfield

To Die at the Catholic Worker by Kieran Prather

Victory for the Homeless by Alice Callaghan

Foot Care at the L.A. Catholic Worker: A Geography of Suffering by Karan Founds-Benton

No Peace, No Prize by David Omondi

Vandenberg Backcountry Action by Theo Kayser

Largest Protest in a Decade by Allison McGillivray

We Are All Part of the Occupy Movement by Alecia Stuchlik

Jesus Was a Homeless Enabler by Jeff Dietrich

LACW Timeline (1993-2020)

Sister House Network – The Gift of the Catholic Worker by Julia Occhiogrosso

Child of Christ by Patty Carmody

Life and Hope in Tonopah Jail by Martha Scarbrough

Skid Row Poor Win Victory Against LAPD by Jeff Dietrich

Letter to Cardinal Mahoney by The Los Angeles Catholic Worker Community

The Women Didn’t Run by Brendan Walsh

Listen to Him by Toni Flynn

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We Need Easy Food Items to Give Away

We are in need of easy grab and go foods that we can give out as easy takeaway items.

If you can, please consider donating:

  • Bottled Water
  • Fruits with Rinds (tangerines, oranges, bananas, lemons, etc.)
  • Healthy Granola Bars
  • Sleeves of Garlic (for adding to our beans)


If you have any of these items to give, please drop them off at our house of hospitality:

632 N. Brittania Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90033


To protect those we live with, we are trying to limit our contact with others at the house, so please drop off items off at our front porch, ring the doorbell, and we’ll say hello (and thanks!) from a safe distance!

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